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TravelTab® Navigator+

One of the best parts of a vacation is the getting away part. But sometimes, getting too far away means disconnecting from your mobile devices — no matter how useful that GPS might be in unfamiliar territory. After all, who wants to return home to a pile of roaming charges or upgrade to an international data plan for a trip that only lasts a week?

Fortunately, TravelTab®, an enhanced Navigation device offered by Apollo RV, provides both international and domestic travelers with all the digital support they need when vacationing in the United States and Canada.

The TravelTab® Navigator+ offers voice-activated GPS navigation, available in multiple languages, real-time traffic updates & offline maps. You can also purchase a Secure Wi-Fi connection for up to 2 personal devices with unlimited data. Each device comes preloaded with relevant apps for local attractions. Save money by taking advantage of local discount offers for attractions, shopping, dining and more, right on the device. Enjoy global calling and text messaging with preloaded credits.

TravelTab Navigator+ 

Explore more of your destination with TravelTab® Navigator+, your enhanced Navigation Device that keeps
you connected to everything important in your world.

Voice Activated Navigation
- Speak or Type Destinations in Multiple Languages, Real-Time Traffic Updates, and Offline Maps
Local Discount Coupons & Offers
- Save money on Attraction Tickets, Shopping, Restaurants and more in your destination
Secure Wi-Fi Hotspot*
- Portable – Use it anytime, anywhere! Connect up to 2 personal devices
Global Calling & Texting*
- Call anywhere in the world without expensive roaming fees

* Requires additional purchase

Rocky Creek in an American National Park.