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Los Angeles to Denver

Our suggested Los Angeles to Denver itinerary is a unique route leading you right through the Mojave Desert and the Grand Canyon. Day 1 takes you into the Mojave Desert, which has approximately 200 species of plants that are not found in any of the neighboring deserts. The name comes from the Mojave tribe. Continue on to Las Vegas - did you know this vibrant city has more than 35 wedding chapels and never goes to sleep! On offer here is some of the greatest entertainment and activities you can think of. Travelling east, you'll pass through some iconic Route 66 towns before reaching the Grand Canyon, home to five different Indian tribes. The massive rock formations in the Grand Canyon will be some of the most impressive things you've seen in your life. The world's capital of hot air ballooning, Albuquerque, is perfect for outdoor activities. Go on a hike or rent a boat and just enjoy or, if you'd rather push your limits, go on a ballooning tour! A short drive north of Albuquerque is Santa Fe where a rich culture and history lies. Explore small towns and interesting places as you continue your road trip north, ending in Denver. Here you can spend time at the Denver Zoo which is the fourth most popular zoo in America. Let this whole trip amaze you.

Recommended vehicles:

Couples and Solo Travelers: For this road-trip the US Tourer will be a good option as a convenient and reliable vehicle for your journey.

Families: If you have a big family and like to travel with an RV vehicle, the US Wanderer will surpass your expectations! It is the experience of a lifetime surrounded by your kids and by your wife or husband so book today to guarantee this spacious motorhome.


Day 1: Los Angeles to Mojave Desert
Day 2: Mojave Desert to Las Vegas
Day 3: Las Vegas
Day 4: Las Vegas
Day 5: Las Vegas to Grand Canyon National Park
Day 6: Grand Canyon National Park to Albuquerque
Day 7: Albuquerque to Santa Fe
Day 8: Santa Fe
Day 9: Santa Fe to Denver


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Mojave Desert, San Bernardino

Discover the hottest place in the United State and the tallest thermometer in the world when you visit the Mojave Desert! The best season is between April and May with in average 90 °F (32°C) and 100 °F (38°C). This is a unique experience with a number of notable ghost towns from the mining past.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada | Photographer: | Copyright:

Itinerary: Day 3

Las Vegas

There’s nowhere else on earth like fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Pick up your RV from our branch and prepare for the experience of a lifetime. Not only does this world-renowned metropolis boast the best nightlife in the world, it also offers countless self-drive opportunities. Explore spectacular desert landscapes and visit the sets of your favourite TV shows. In Las Vegas, your vacation is only limited by your imagination.

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Itinerary: Day 4

Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon was discovered in 1540 by a conquistador who was looking for the Seven Cities of Cibola. This is a legendary myth stating that the cities were located in the Valley and were the wealthiest cities of the New World. You will find about 1,700 different species of plants and will ride through five climate zones from Mexican to Canadian. Enjoy the ride.

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Itinerary: Day 6


Albuquerque is the capital of hot air balloons. By taking a hot air balloon you can observe Albuquerque from the sky and get an incredible experience! Moreover Albuquerque is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States with 530,000 inhabitants. Its Old Town still gets some vestige from the past, evident in its old Victorian and Gothic style buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Itinerary: Day 7

Santa Fe

If you are looking for something new to do, try Outspire Hiking and Snowshoeing as an outdoor activity. This is suitable for all abilities. The St. Francis Cathedral and The Plaza are really beautiful and should definitely be on your list of things to do and see in Santa Fe. More Info


A video of the Grand Canyon from a microlight perspective
The impression you'll get when seeing the grand Canyon is almost unbelievable and just mind-blowing! It's one of the things in life you won't forget for sure.


Location: Bufalo Bill Museum

The Buffalo Bill Museum and grave

Address: 987 ½ Lookout Mountain Road, Golden, CO 80401
Phone: +1 303-526-0744
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:
FAQs provided by: Buffalo Bill Museum and grave

Can you give a short summary of your main business activities?

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave site is located on top of Lookout Mountain with 65 acres that include a museum, large gift shop, cafe, picnic areas, and Buffalo Bill’s grave. The museum has exhibits about Buffalo Bill and the Old West. Visit for more information.

Which is your most popular excursion/activity/item/package and why?

Within the museum we have a variety of activities oriented toward family experiences, including an area where children and adults can dress in cowboy clothing and pose for photos on a fiberglass horse.

What is your inside tip? i.e. Arrive Early, Best time of year to visit, group or early bird discounts etc”

Spring and fall are great times, with great views of the snow-capped mountains, wildlife wandering around the grounds, and fewer visitors. Group discounts to the museum are available with advance notice. Although on top of a mountain, the site is only 30 minutes from downtown Denver.

Can you highly recommend another tourist activity not connected with your business?

The Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden has interesting exhibits about Colorado railroading, locomotives, dining cars and other rolling stock to explore.

Are there any other landmarks or activities (etc) you think visitors may find interesting in your area?

We are part of the Lariat Loop National Historic Byway, which is an automobile route featuring extraordinary views of the mountains and plains, a drive through a canyon, and many attractions ranging from historic sites to dinosaur tracks to a brewery.

Rocky Creek in an American National Park.