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Boston to New York via Niagara Falls

You will be amazed by Niagara Falls and the journey you take through the mountains and forests guarded by bears. Go hiking and biking in the beautiful Berkshires or go to Catamount Adventure Park and push your limits. Wear a poncho if you are going to do a boat tour near Niagara Falls, or you will get a bit wet! These huge waterfalls are one of the highlights of this trip. Take a trip to Bear Country in Pensylvania and you may spot a real bear for yourself. In Washinton DC check out the Smithsonian Institution which is the world's largest museum and after that see the many memorials or take a walk in the Unites States Botanic Gardens. Philadelphia has a lot of differents artworks which are worthwhile seeing, or see the Phillies play in the stadium while eating hotdogs.

Recommended vehicles:

Couple: For this journey we recommend you the Euro Tourer. This is an efficient vehicle adapted for this kind of road.

Family: Without any doubts you should take the Eclipse Camper! This is the perfect vehicle for your peregrination through New-England.


Day 1: Boston to The Berkshires, MA
Day 2: The Berkshires, MA
Day 3: The Berkshires, MA to Niagara Falls, NY
Day 4: Niagara Falls to Bear Country, PA
Day 5: Bear Country, PA
Day 6: Bear Country, PA to Washington DC
Day 7: Washington DC
Day 8: Washington DC to Philadelphia, PA
Day 9: Philadelphia, PA
Day 10: Philadelphia, PA to New York, NY


Location: The Berkshires | Photographer: Dougtone ( | Copyright: name

The Berkshires

Welcome to New England, the historical heart of the United Sates! This region is the home of a numbers of painters, singers and sculptor and it’s a beautiful place for hiking and enjoying green trails as well. If you would like to buy handcrafts from the region this is the good location. More Info

Location: Niagra Falls | Photographer:  | Copyright:

Niagara Falls, NY

The most popular falls in the world, you can’t miss them. With falls of 165 feet(50 m), Niagara Falls are the highest falls in North America and are one of the symbols of the region. Come take some pictures of these iconic falls! More Info

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Bear Country, PA

Surrounded by natural parks, this region will give you all the authenticity that you are looking for in New-England. You will be impressed by the nature!

Location: Washington DC | Photographer: name | Copyright: name

Washington DC

Two absolute must see destinations in Washington are the Smithsonian Institution Building and the White House. Then you can take a tour of the different National Monuments and Memorials like the Eisenhower Memorial or the DC War Memorial. Finally finish your time here by walking through Georgetown District with its many shops and restaraunts there will be someting for every taste. More Info

Location: Flinders Ranges and Outback | Photographer: Milton Wordley | Copyright: South Australian Tourism Commission


As one of the former capital of the United State, Philadelphia is a great place for History. With its buildings, museums, and its unique spirit, Philadelphia will transport you in another time. Go to visit the Old City to discover one of the most interesting Histories of the United State. More Info


Niagara Falls from an Eagle's eye perspective
Get an incredible view of the Niagara Falls from a drone and feel the beauty and the magic of those amazing falls!