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Boston and New England

For the lovers of authentic and picturesque American villages who are fascinated by the pioneers who wrote the History of this amazing country. Feel the past by visiting the Mayflower, the ship which came with the first pioneer. Visit Martha's Vineyard which is a US Wildlife preserve and the ferry cruise is fun. Walk along the beautiful colonial buildings in Newport. Rocky coastlines and picturesque houses in the small village of Bar Harbor. The view from the lighthouse is stunning! Small rivers, colourful trees and even lakes, in Acadia National Park you feel one with the nature. Drivingto Freeport, a historic harbourfront village with perfect kayak opportunities. This tour includes boat ferries which gives you great views and possibility to see the wonderful islands.

Recommended vehicles:

Couple: You will feel unique sensation on board of the Euro Tourer. This is a handy and reliable vehicle for those who are not used to drive this kind of vehicles.

Family: As parents you want that your kids travel in good conditions. That is why we recommend you the Sunrise Escape. Indeed families will enjoy the extra room provided by this vehicle.


Day 1: Boston to Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, MA to Martha's Vineyard, MA
Day 2: Martha's Vineyard, MA
Day 3: Martha's Vineyard, MA to Chatham, MA

Chatham, MA to Provincetown, MA
Day 4: Provincetown, MA to Newport, RI
Day 5: Newport, RI to Ogunquit, ME
Day 6: Ogunquit, ME to Bar Harbor, ME / Acadia NAtional Park, Hancock, ME
Day 7: Bar Harbor, ME / Acadia National Park, Hancock, ME
Day 8: Bar Harbor, ME / Acadia National Park, Hancock, ME to Freeport, ME
Day 9: Freeport, ME


Location: Mayflwer II Plymouth | Photographer: | Copyright:


This is the place where the Mayflower arrived in 1620 with the first Pilgrims which is why many Americans call it “America’s Hometown”. Pilgrims settled there and formed the first colony of the United States. Explore Plymouth to discover the where the USA all began. More Info

Location: Martas Vineyard | Photographer: Mark Heard | Copyright:

Martha's Vineyard

“The Vineyard” is one of the most popular islands along the east coast. This is a favourite destination and meeting point for many celebrities - you may even spot a few in your travels. You can choose between 6 different towns which all have their own charm, for example Vineyard Haven is well known for its harbor and its delicious restaurants. More Info

Location: Chatham Lighthouse | Photographer:  | Copyright:


With its famous lighthouse, Chatham is a summer resort town which is well known throughout the country for its expensive houses.

Location: Provincetown Harbour | Photographer:  | Copyright:


“P-Town” is famed for its harbor, beaches and for being a friendly resort for the gay and lesbian community.

Location: Newport | Photographer: Lucio Santos  | Copyright:


The city has one of the largest number of colonial buildings in the country. Also home to great museums and historical sites, you will have a plenty of things to see and do in Newport.

Location: Bar Harbour, Maine | Photographer: Ciera Holzenthal | Copyright:

Bar Harbour

Bar Harbor has a lot of charm like Newport but in Bar Harbour you will be spending more time on outdoor activities like bike riding, hiking or riding a horse. You will only be a few steps away from the Acadia National Park. More Info

Location:Arcadia National Park | Photographer: Bonayur (| Copyright:

Acadia National Park, Hancock

With around 2 million visitors each year, this is a very popular park for all level of hiking experience. Enjoy great sceneries and beautiful trails like Mount Desert Island or Wonderland trails. As many of the park ammenities are closed during the winter months, it is best to check before you arrive. More Info

Location: Freeport | Photographer: Miguel Tavares Cardoso  | Copyright:


With a variety of things to see in Maine, you won't be disappointed while on your journey through Freeport. With annual events such as the Art and Music Festival, Flavours of Freeport and the beautiful sights of lighthouses, wildlife and fibrearts, there is so much to see in this town. More Info

Rocky Creek in an American National Park.