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Why not start your holiday in one of the USA's major cities: Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Francisco.


Denver to San Francisco

Length: 9 days

Distance: 1,834 mi

The drive from Denver to San Francisco provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful family holiday experience. You will have the chance to explore the American landscape, touring through magnificient national landmarks such as the Old Faithful Geyser! This is the most predictable geyser on earth with a blast every 91min, a truly amazing experience, surrounded by the breathtaking landscape that is the Yellowstone National Park.

Denver to Las Vegas via Utah

Length: 6 days

Distance: 864 mi

This trip is definitely for the hiking fans. See the rock formations in Arches National Park with and travel onward to the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas where you can try your luck at the many casinos there.

Denver to Las Vegas via New Mexico

Length: 6 days

Distance: 1,132 mi

A ride through the bush and its marvellous landscape, particularly the Grand Canyon, will impress you like nothing else. In addition you will visit cities with incredible scenery like Denver or Albuquerque.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas to Death Valley National Park

Length: 1 days

Distance: 145 mi

Starting in Las Vegas, take a day trip to Death Valley National Park. This park is the largest national park in the lower states. You can take the fastest route, the scenic route or the ghost town route so the fun really starts before you have even reached your destination!

Los Angeles

Los Angeles to Denver

Length: 9 days

Distance: 1,461 mi

A unique route leading you right through the Mojave Desert and the Grand Canyon! You will not only visit LA and Denver, but also see popular destinations of Las Vegas, Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas via Seattle

Length: 12 days

Distance: 2,489 mi

Travel through the main western coastal cities of L.A, San Francisco and Seattle and explore a part of the US moulded by the Ocean and Mountains. Simply amazing!

New Orleans

New-Orleans to Miami

Length: 9 days

Distance: 1,097 mi

One of the most beautiful parts of the United States for its beaches, this is a nice trip for entertaining kids with theme parks galore. Take them to Walt Disney World or LEGOLAND and they are sure to have the time of their lives.

San Francisco

San Francisco to Las Vegas

Length: 9 days

Distance: 1,237 mi

One of the worlds most famous roads, travelling through three major National Parks: the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park and Death Valley! You will be amazed by the things you see!

San Francisco to Los Angeles via Salt Lake City

Length: 5 days

Distance: 1,693 mi

You will love this journey treking from San Francisco to Los Angeles. No need to rush as you will have enough time to discover everything  you want. You will get to explore the cultural side of the west coast as well as its entertainment side, making for an amazing experience!

San Francisco to Los Angeles

Length: 7 days

Distance: 356 mi

This is one of the most beautiful road trips in the world. It can be driven in 9 hours but the best way to see it is to take your time and really enjoy each place you come by.

Rocky Creek in an American National Park.