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PlatePass® Toll Package

Avoid the stress of toll roads by choosing Apollo’s electronic tolling solution!

TollGuard® is an automated Electronic Toll Payment Service that enables rental guests to use high speed, cashless toll lanes to avoid having to stop and pay tolls with cash.

To see the full list of toll road locations covered by TollGuard® please check with the Apollo location you plan to pick up your vehicle from. Click here to download the full-sized map.

TollGuard® Toll Package

Service Fee

Incurred Tolls





+ $

* Please note that many toll roads, including the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, are completely electronic and no cash lanes exist. We strongly recommend you purchase TollGuard if you will be using any toll roads or bridges. A $75 Toll Administration Fee will be applied to process unpaid tolls where Toll Guard has not been purchased. This fee is per rental in addition to the individual unpaid toll charges.

Rocky Creek in an American National Park.