Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in Australia want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Lisa Annis
    Love Amongst the Cacti
    Sure there’s desert and cacti, but Arizona has many surprises, as I learnt when I embarked on a roadtrip of the state.   I’d been feeling flat, down, for months. That changed in the bizarre Phoenix landscape. The city is dry, brown with scrubby fields of the classic saguaro cactus, sporting crimson flowers when I was there in August. But Arizona’s capital is also ringed by funky hills, red and worn into tables, animals, statues – or so my imagination saw.   The... read more
  • Kathy Smith
    The things you can only see in a Motorhome (preferably Apollo:)
    I have gypsy blood. I love to travel. And when we travel we like to do it properly ~ see the land, meet the people, get off the beaten track a little.  Words can tell a story, but photos can go that little bit deeper.  read more
  • Kathy Smith
    Checklist for an American Road Trip
    CHECKLIST for an Awesome, Once in a Lifetime Road Trip: ~ A dream ~ Sense of Adventure ~ Apollo Motorhome ~ Family or Friends ~ Camera ~ Map  ~ Hiking shoes ~ Backpack ~ More Sense of AdventureYou can't feel the spirit of the canyons by watching from the lookout.  You can't feel the energy of the earth by keeping your shoes on and sitting in your chair.  You can't learn about the people of the land by staying on the highways.Get out there and have an adventure!! :) I DARE YOU!   ... read more
  • Leanna Sharp
    Fear and Loathing and then Las Vegas!
    From the moment my partner started driving the motor home down the world's crookedest street in San Francisco I knew he had made a mistake. It seems motor homes are everywhere in the USA but there are some places they just should not go. By the time Trent realised this it was way too late and there were far too many people taking our photo. Try convincing everyone heading down the hill behind you on the world's crookedest street that it's a good idea to back... read more
  • cheryl cronk
    Grand canyon
    This was the best day.  The Grand Canyon is amazing and so is the country that surrounds it. My sister, niece and I had a wonderful fun filled day at Hualapai ranch. No one was really having much fun until we started to lassoo some cows and have a go at being a gun slinger. Much laughter and great memories . read more
  • Virginia Smith
    I wanna get my kicks...
    Hey! I've ALWAYS wanted to get my kicks on Route 66 USA! The amazing scenery, the fabulous retro from an era when...well...I was born! USA at it's finest where it's a bit crumbly around the edges, full of characters and fun odd places...and the road....... read more
  • Andrea Malvasia
    USA on the ROAD
    Il sogno di una vita, il viaggio dei viaggi.3 settimane di vacanze negli stati uniti alla scoperta dei parchi nazionali americani. read more
  • Brent Thomas
    Mid west USA 2013
    We are cureently planning a 16 day Road trip in the US for June/July 2013. Our trip will start in Denver, traveling through South Dakota taking in the Black Hills and then on to Wyoming to Yellowstone NP and The Grand Tetons. After taking in all Wyoming has to offer we will then travel through Utah and Canyonn country before finishing up in Las Vegas. read more
  • Siegfried Benkisser
    A mule deer, no bear..
    At June Lake, i went to the toilet in the morning...eyes a little bit closed. Huuuuch, a mule deer stood in front of the cabin. No bear! I was happy.   Sigi read more
  • Heather Hill
    It's amazing what great little 'unexpected finds' you stumble across on a road trip. It was thanks to our Apollo camper (and equal thanks to my inability to follow a map or read a GPS from the passenger seat) that we ended up at Floores Country Store in Helotes Texas, just out of San Antonio. The store, which actually turns into a regular 'shin dig' has hosted greats like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson and Elvis to name but a few - I was in... read more
  • Anne-Sophie GOURNIER
    Wonderful RV road trip in the south west of the USA
    We spent 3 weeks in RV on the south west of the USA' roads to discover the wonderful landscapes, with amazing geological sites, fauna and flora, and of course a lots of adventures!Road trip:1/ 08/05 to 08/07 Discovering San Fransisco city - CALIFORNIA2/ 08/07 to 08/09 First road trip to Sequoia Park and hiking over there - CALIFORNIA3/ 08/09 to 08/10 Spending the night in Las Vegas and discovering the world of the night there...really an other world! - NEVADA4/... read more
  • steven everson
    my dream trip
    to take a motorhome to north western usa and canada taking in the sights and scenery and hopefeully meeting like minded people in the campsites. read more
  • margaruite Simpson
    Journey to my heart
    America is where equine assited therapy was born. I am a mature student and completing my final paper at university. I have done the Eagala training and from the moment I did it I knew this was my dream job. Helping people, help themselves with the majic of horses. My absolute fantasy holiday would be to do this roadtrip, mapping my way closer and closer to success. Eagala affiliates are such nice people as well. Not only would I be... read more
  • Lise Linné
    We are on the road as often as we can! Sadly, the weather in Norway doesn't allow us to use our motorhome all year around!So when the fall comes, we go on a trip south! This year we are going to Germany, France and ..........we'll see! The plan is to go on the "romantic tour" and "the castel tour" in Germany!We like it on the road! Our second home! read more
  • Roimata Clark
    Hawaii 2012
    I would like to go back to hawaii and travel the big Island with my friend and son. read more
  • Chas Bailey
    The Joys of an Apollo Motorhome in California
    Sandwiched in the middle of a 26 day USA holiday our 10 days in the Apollo Wanderer RV was a very welcome break from hotels and restaurant food. We had been to New York and Washington, had a wonderful time but were getting fed up of eating out and packing/unpacking suitcases in hotels. The RV was a home from home with our own cooked simple food, comfortable beds and campfires. Meals were taken under the awning or the stars and... read more
  • Sharon Ben-Rafael
    Our dream trip
    6 years ago we left home for a two months trip in US, Canada and Alaska. Mom, a clinical psychologist Dad, a Photographer and me (I was 3 years old at the time). It was a great adventure, we so many things on the way. The most amazing thing we saw were the bears, they were playing in the water like little children and they looked so cute. They were not scary at all. But best of all was our... read more
  • Kathy Smith
    Grand Canyon Hike
    Ever had a dream to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon?  I did ~ not the conventional way, but in the most exciting way possible.  Lucky for us, we did our American trip in an Apollo Motorhome, so it was possible for us to get to the starting point at the top. Without it, this would have been impossible.  Following is part of my diary on our hike into the Canyon:   This morning I woke with a fever, sore... read more
  • Bill Austin
    UVA or bust
    Driving my daughter cross country from LA to University of Virginia where she will start her college career.  Younger daughter also coming with us.   The 3 of us in an apollo RV. ,  taking the northern route.  Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, and who knows what else!! Taking 6 days to get there.  Hope we make it on time! read more

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