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  • tracey campbell (Australia)
    My Dream Holiday
    My dream holiday would be driving around in an apollo motorhome with my husband and 3 children. We would leave our home on the NSW Central Coast and head up north, it wouldn't matter where we went or wanted to stop cause we would be carrying our accomodation with us, on our back like a tortise, we definatley would be travelling like one, with plenty of room and power to keep to the speed limit I think a holiday in... read more
  • Jill Seymour (Australia)
    "Life's too short." It's something we all say and yet another year goes by, then another and another..."We'll travel when the kids grow up." My in laws said this very thing; their children did grow up, then the grandchildren came along and they chose to postpone their dream until ill-health forced them to give it up altogether.The best holiday hubby and I ever took was a road trip to Cairns. The freedom of stopping wherever we chose and exploring Australia's... read more
  • Samantha Ellis (Australia)
    Around Aus in a bus
    My partner and his father used to travel around Australia in a nice big bus, my partner always talks about how when we are older we will travel Aus so he can show me around our home country, i have never been around Aus and haven't seen most of Aus so i think it would be an amazing experience to see some things my partner has already seen and stuff he hasn't seen yet. read more
  • Trina Hill (Australia)
    The Trip to Hell (Oops) over East!
    My husband and I were driving to Queensland from Western Australia.  He doesn't plan anything!  This is why when I reflect now, I wish we had gone in an Apollo Camper.  All the comforts of home at least!  We travelled across the Nullabor.  Boring!  We ran out of petrol.  We had a jerry can but no funnel.  After using a paper cup to get a little bit of fuel in before it eroded, we made it to the next place. ... read more
  • Amanda Hawkins (New Zealand)
    Our first overseas Holiday and Apollo
    I waited a long time to travel overseas, 35 years young. I always meant to go earlier, but life got in the way. So when I had two kids and my youngest had started school, I decided now or never. I packed up the family in Darwin and travelled to Auckland NZ where we picked up our Apollo campervan for a holiday adventure of a lifetime.The staff were fantastic explaining all the features and giving us invaluable local tips of where... read more
  • Sandra Connors (Australia)
    Meet The Family
    I'd love to pack all the family in an Apollo Motorhome and drive from Brisbane across to Perth so we can introduce the kids to my husband's family in Victoria and my family in Perth.I did the nullarbor crossing with my family when I was 7 and couldn't see more than the sheepskin headrest of my mum's front seat.  5 days of car sickness later we were there, but I loved every minute of it.I'd love to show my kids... read more
  • Virginia Smith (USA)
    I wanna get my kicks...
    Hey! I've ALWAYS wanted to get my kicks on Route 66 USA! The amazing scenery, the fabulous retro from an era when...well...I was born! USA at it's finest where it's a bit crumbly around the edges, full of characters and fun odd places...and the road....... read more
  • Francis Duurland (Australia)
    My holiday with Apollo
    My husband and I, with two of our close friends have booked apollo motor homes to travel around south Island of NZ.  My husband and I in the 4 berth and our friends hired 6 berth.  This has been the first holiday my husband and I have taken without any children and I am counting the days down, I wake every morning and tell my husband only 24 more days to go!!!!We have heard such great reviews on travelling around... read more
  • Toon Leenders (Australia)
    Australia, make my day!
    Next year we hope we can make our plans come true.... going to Australia.From Darwin to the Gerat Barrier Reef farther to the south-east. We hope Apollo helps us a bit in finding a nice way of travelling through that amazing country. We hope see and to do a lot but also relax and enjoy Australia. Bisides that we hope to meet our -never seen- relatives and some friends we met earlier in Europe and Fiji.  Australia we're on our... read more
  • John Kraan (Australia)
    Pacific highway
    Strolling on our way to the Great Barrier Reef, along rocky sandy beaches. Exiting times. Enjoying Australian hospitality and away from crazy kiwis for a little while. read more
  • Teresa and Nigel Messesr (New Zealand)
    Kiwi Escape
    Great Journey through South Island in New Zealand experiencing life with an amazing Apollo Star RV 4-Berth Motorhome...so new it didn't even have its badges yet! Saw seal colonies, pancake rocks, lighthouses, glaciers, glow worms, penguins, the Remarkables, Mt.Cook, Lanarch Castle, Cadbury World, waterfalls, rainforests, sheep paddocks, mountains, glacial lake at Lake Tekapo, historical buildings, churches and more! Hightlights...paragliding off Coronet Peak 1600m, being only 2 metres from the world's most endangered penguin, watching 1 tonne of liquid chocolate fall, seeing NZ's only castle in... read more
  • PETER CHEETHAM (Australia)
  • Leanne Bates (Australia)
    Pre move in holiday
    Before we moved into our brand newly built house, my husband, two kids and I went for a month long driving holiday.We drove from Adelaide to Bendigo, staying with rellies for 2 days, then onto Canberra. We had never been there, so was exciting to see the War Memorial. We stayed there for 2 days then onto Coffs Harbour to stay with more rellies. This was a wonderful time and we stayed for 4 days before moving onto the Gold... read more
  • Jolene Walsh (New Zealand)
    Lifestyle holiday
    Hi I am fondly known as Action Mum, I am constantly 'playing' in the great outdoors with my kids, (Jack 9 & Lilly 6),and are dreaming of 'playing' overseas too....Today is significant as we received our passports.In the meantime my life to some may resemble a holiday, it just maybe, as I can't seem to wipe the smile off my face....It's been 7 weeks since I took the plunge, and finished working with the large global gas company, and set off... read more
  • Melinda Alchin (Australia)
    Wish List
    The best family holidays are where there is an adventure, and the apollo camper is on my wish list as the travelling adventure holiday mover.  To pack up and head  out onto the highway is the best adventure a family can have. Having kids that have never seen snow I would head to the Victorian slopes to share the experience of cold, wet,snowflakes. To see their faces laughing while having a snow fight, tobogganing and having bad hair days, would be fantastic. I would... read more
  • Vanessa Cameron (Canada)
    Dreaming of a trip of a lifetime
     Imagine waking up in Canada, just me and my son, and being able to look out the window of our Campervan - we would pinch each other to make sure we were not dreaming.  Next would come the excited scream and then the race to see who can get out the door the fastest. Let the adventure begin. The trip my son would never forget and the dream i have always dreamed becoming a reality - if only. read more
  • Amelia Howells (New Zealand)
    Little Family Getaway to New Zealand
    We hit the road for a 2 week trip around the North Island of New Zealand in a 6 berth Apollo Camper. Just a Mummy and a Daddy and a wee little Bub hitting the road, seeing spectacular sights, taking every day as it came and relaxing in our big home on wheels. Its the perfect way to travel with kids because you can do everything at your own pace.  With the porta-cot set up in the back we had plenty... read more
  • Amelia Howells (Australia)
    The Great Ocean Road- Staggering coastlines and white sandy beaches, could only have been better seeing it from an Apollo camper!
    What an amazing road and what incredible views of staggering coastlines and white sandy beaches! We had just come home from 12 months overseas and decided to drive the Great Ocean Road and visit some friends in Adelaide. This was the best way for Australia to welcome us back home!. We are so blessed in Australia to have such a beautiful, pristine, clean country and my husband and I hope to see much much more of it, and now we... read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    our dream trip
    Its a dream of ours to pack up and head off to see all we can read more
  • Jane Hamilton (Canada)
    On the road again- as turtles!
    Well, we finally did it! After years of driving from Ontario, Canada to such places as Florida, Nova Scotia, and Alberta we rented a motor home.  Our friend laughingly said that we were turtles!  No more looking for clean restrooms! You can stop anywhere, at any time, and that is exactly what we did.  Our favourite stop was overlooking Bras D'or Lakes in Nova Scotia.   We are so excited about being 'turtles' that we are recommending it to all of... read more

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