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  • Iain Emslie (Australia)
    New to Apollo
    We are looking forward to hiring an Apollo motor home to experience the feel of freedom out in the countryside read more
  • Yvonne McDonald (Australia)
    Our Amazing Whirlwind Top End Adventure
    We had only had 2.5 weeks to complete our Top End Adventure. Melbourne-Darwin-Broome-Darwin and back to Melbourne-just the 2 of us. We boarded  a return flight from Melbourne to Darwin to save time. It was just the 2 of us and Darwin is where our great adventure started. We had booked a Hitop camper from Apollo Motorhomes which came with everything (including maps) except a shower and toilet. We had an itinerary planned staying at Mary River, Katherine, Kunnunurra, Wyndham, Halls Creek, Broome, Halls Creek, Katherine, Pine... read more
  • Leanna Sharp (USA)
    Fear and Loathing and then Las Vegas!
    From the moment my partner started driving the motor home down the world's crookedest street in San Francisco I knew he had made a mistake. It seems motor homes are everywhere in the USA but there are some places they just should not go. By the time Trent realised this it was way too late and there were far too many people taking our photo. Try convincing everyone heading down the hill behind you on the world's crookedest street that it's a good idea to back... read more
  • James Hoskins (Australia)
    Apollo Motorhome Outback Adventure
     We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at the Apollo Motorhomes Rental Office in Darwin to swap our tiny rental car for a 2 Berth Camper Van. It was much larger than we were expecting being the size of your average minibus and had all mod cons including a toilet, shower, gas cooker, fridge, microwave, sink, and plenty of storage space for our clothes and food. It even had a TV! The living area was large with more than enough... read more
  • Wanda DeMont (Australia)
    Ultimate Family Holiday
    My husband and I are in our mid-fifties and have always wanted to travel. We were never able to go far from home because of  post tramatic brain injury suffered by our 27 year old son. This was a result of injuries from school sports.After years of hard work he is now a lot better and leading a virtually normal life and we are now ready for a real family holiday. We are making plans for the ultimate family vacation. We... read more
  • Kathy Smith (Australia)
    Waltzing Matilda
    After a 4 week road trip around Northern Queensland and the Northern Territory, we spent our last night at the Combo Waterhole near Kynuna.  It is reputedly the place that was the inspiration behind Banjo Patterson's 'Waltzing Matilda'.  So in honour of this unofficial national anthem of Australia, we sang our little hearts out. Apologies for not doing the song any justice, but we had fun :)This was not officially a camp site, however it was certainly an awesome way to... read more
  • Deborah Price (Australia)
    Our first family holiday
    As our daughter will be turning two next June we thought it would be the best time to take her to see all the sights Western Australia's Coral Coast has to offer and what better way but a driving holiday with a Campervan. That way we can be as flexible as she wants and stop whenever things get a little hectic, as travelling with a toddler will! read more
  • Ramona Roden (Australia)
    On mY Way
    I would fulfill a "Dream" touring Australia. Any person I have met that has visited or travelled to Australia has claimed it to be one of their greatest life experiences. I would travel from start to finish taking in any little experience I could fit in my time on the road. I would eat, drink and enjoy the people, culture and warmth of the weather.  read more
  • Kate Paneros (Australia)
    The Great Australian (Letterbox) Road Trip
    Which is the greater rite of passage – visiting far-flung exotic countries or knowing you’ve seen a thing or two in your own backyard? It’s one thing to conquer Europe with 30 other people on a bus, but there's just something about heading off and exploring your own turf on a great Australian road trip.While we travel these highways and back roads, we’re on a mission to discover the best letter boxes in Australia. We’ve travelled thousands of kilometres in... read more
  • Len McKenna (Australia)
    A TripThat Shaped My Life
    Back in the 60's when I was just 13, I experienced a road trip which was to shape the rest of my life. My father took my younger brother and myself to Roebourne in the north of W.A. We left from Perth in an old station wagon on mainly gravel roads and slept out at night on the ground usually near dry creek beds. We met an artist camped at Python pool. He used to camp for weeks... read more
  • DIANNE LEE (Australia)
    "Elusive" because it would have to be a miracle or a lotto win for my family to go on a road trip. But it would be so much fun planning this holiday so please please pick me and I promise we'll have the best holiday. We'd sing the Cliff Richards song "were all going on a summer holiday" as we vroomed off down the highway. read more
  • Shelley Hasson (Australia)
    My names Shelley and I have a bit of an addiction.I LOVE to travel. I love everything about it. Even the hours spent in cars (although I prefer luxury motor homes!) and airports, on planes and trains as it all eventually gets me to somewhere new and interesting!Last year my husband, my parents, my sister and I went to Darwin. That little city was an eye opener for me. How can such a small town pack so much punch?Every corner had... read more
  • Percy Stammers (Australia)
    road trip
    Me, my wife and four kids want to go on a road trip in an Apollo motor home to Australia, to give my four kids an experience that they have never had the opportunity to experience before. while we are in Australia we want to , as a family go to the theme parks, because that's something that me and my wife have enjoyed in the past, and I know that my children will absolutely love that. It would be a dream come true to give my children this opportunity. We would... read more
  • Christine Penco (Australia)
    a chance of an escape
    i just want to get away time to think read more
  • jodie doupain (Australia)
    the best bday prezzie
    when my 17 year old daughter was 12 she drove across australia with her dad. it was unfortunate that i was unable to make it. ever since that holiday she dreamed about going on another road trip. since her last road trip her dad has developed depression from a serious car accident that left him a incomplete paraplegic. this put a strain on my daughter i hope if she went on another road trip like the one she went on... read more
  • terri palma (Australia)
    Headed North
    Joing the ranks of other intrepid travellers my partner and I journeyed to the great northern region of Western Australia. We took along our faithful hounds and headed off via the new Indian Ocean Drive. Our adventure took us through new terrain, between 2 cyclones and along a coast blessed with a wealth of rare magnificance. We found new ways to engage in daily activities, a booty of paraphernalia whilst beach combing and wildlife to be in awe of. The... read more
  • Justine Murphy (Australia)
    This is what great family memories are made of!!
    This is what great family memories are made of!!  Life is too short and the kids grow up too fast to put if off! So in this vein the kids and I have just been on a 9 day Apollo Motorhome adventure along Victoria’s Great Ocean Road and up to the Goldfields in Ballarat. WE LOVED IT!!!! We now dream of where we might like to go next – maybe Queensland to see the Great Barrier Reef, maybe Darwin to... read more
  • Rachel Moait (Australia)
    Northern Territory Revival
    Kakadu in July was like a waterfall rushing down over our senses. The beautiful water lilies,  formidable crocs, ancient aboriginal art, luscious Yellow Water wetlands with their wealth of wildlife washed the southern winter blues from our bodies. With our motorhome we were free to extend our stay at any beautiful spot or cruise to the next enticing region all within short distance. Without exception the bluest of blue lagoon at Berry Springs matches the most beautiful watering holes around... read more
  • Ross Gibbons (Australia)
    Find the Hidden Corners of Australia
    Our family would love to travel together in a camper to discover the hidden corners of Australia. You can stop when you like, for how long you like and everything is right with you. You get to meet different and interesting people everyday and see amazing sights. Tassie would be our favourite to trip around in for starters. read more
  • samantha evans (Australia)
    my dream holiday
    hi would one day love to go over o western australian on a holiday with my children to see my brother and so the kids can see there uncle read more

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