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  • Carol Dunn (Australia)
    A holiday in Northern territory
                                                                                                                                 I have always wanted to travel to the Northern Territory for a holiday as we had so many great holidays in the rest of Australia now all that is left is to see the Territory we have herd so many great things about it .We traveled to Perth in the Train meet some lovely people from the states & if the Territory is as good as our other trips around Australia than we will have a ball read more
  • Cherie Dorreen (Australia)
    Coast to coast
    We've always loved travel, on a recent road trip Melbourne - Sydney return we discovered we were pregnant. It couldn't be a more perfect summer camping at different locations along the coast sharing beautiful sunrises and sunsets warm and  basking in the Aussie summer. We decided then and there that we would bring our child up experiencing,learning & seeing the best that Australia and my home country NZ has to offer.We're planning our first trip away this year and an... read more
  • Karen Smith (Australia)
    We decided to do a travel around Kangaroo Island. Im from NSW and have always wanted to go to KI. I love the quiet, Auzzie atmosphere of places. Im a massive animal fan, and I really wanted to witness the beautiful koalas, kangaroos and seals that just happily enjoy their environment without being disturbed. We travelled to Flinders national park, saw thousands of seals at every beach we went to, and millions of little wallabies. I was surprised we didnt... read more
  • Minttu Jussila (Australia)
    Finnish NOT SO WHITE CHRISTMAS (or February)
    I am currently staying in Australia with my partner and I am looking forward to spending this Christmas away from the snowy and freezing Finland. The awesomest thing is that my mum and her husband are coming here for a 3 week holiday!!I'd love to show them the real Australian scenery and wildlife... (as my mum wishes to see all the kangaroos and crocodiles live in the nature!) :D She has only travelled in Europe so this will be something... read more
  • Widi Winarto (Australia)
    My dream
    My dream is to retired buy a motorhomes and off around Australia and New Zealand for at least 2 years and perhaps found a place that we both lfell in love with and settled there for the rest of our life. read more
  • Beverley Jones (Australia)
    No Worries!
    Since retiring, our trips travelling round Australia and New Zealand have been the most memorable journeys we have ever made. From Cairns to Melbourne and then Perth back to Perth via the Red Centre and the Kimberley gave us a glimpse into the wilderness and vastness that is Australia. Most of this was in a Motorhome fully supported by Cheapa Campa (Apollo). The minor things that needed fixing were attended to straight away and there was always someone at... read more
  • Loene Wilson (New Zealand)
    Road Trip for Two
    How did we get here? Just me and you, have we lost someone? We were at the end of a 7 week holiday for the travelling trio, the 3 magpies, it was just awesome! When we departed Sydney for a week in New Zealand, we left one of our trio in Sydney, actually surprised as we missed him! We gals had a great time, on the south island driving a camper through passes, up mountainsides and down into the gullies,... read more
  • Kerry Pringle (Australia)
    Where God goes for his holidays...
    Whe I was kid my Grandparents were the Manager of a set of 5 cabins that sat above a cliff face at COFFIN BAY SA, I spent a major part of my life there whilst growing up. We walked its sandy roads for miles to get to the 'back beaches' where massive white sandhills went on forever and this became our own private beach, and was truly worth the walk. I believe this will be my heaven when I leave... read more
  • Kathy Smith (USA)
    Checklist for an American Road Trip
    CHECKLIST for an Awesome, Once in a Lifetime Road Trip: ~ A dream ~ Sense of Adventure ~ Apollo Motorhome ~ Family or Friends ~ Camera ~ Map  ~ Hiking shoes ~ Backpack ~ More Sense of AdventureYou can't feel the spirit of the canyons by watching from the lookout.  You can't feel the energy of the earth by keeping your shoes on and sitting in your chair.  You can't learn about the people of the land by staying on the highways.Get out there and have an adventure!! :) I DARE YOU!   ... read more
  • Aaron Davies (New Zealand)
    What's in the middle of the beautiful South Island
    Flying down from Whakatane to Christchurch on a early morning was spectacular. Snow capped mountains, baby sheep, and loads of smiles and that was just from the plane.Picking up our camper the great thing was that we were the makers of our own holiday. Us and the fantastic "Tourism Radio, not just a radio but a navigation system to..." lolWe left Christchurch after visting friends and went on seven days of excitement before returning back to our friends. We travelled... read more
  • James Carrington (New Zealand)
    James and Amys eclipes trip to cairns.
     Hi all, I want to tell you our amazing trip we had that was well overdue. Well where to start James and I wanted to celebrate our 5yr anniversary and his 34th birthday all in one. So in style James and I decided on hiring a 6 berth deluxe campervan with Apollo and driving from brisbane to Cairns. James has never had a holiday as he works mon-sat running is own av company and spends the one day a week with his family,... read more
  • Kathy Smith (Australia)
    Road Trip - Australia Top End
    I've already written about our wonderful road trip to parts of Queensland and the Northern Territory, but now I'd like to share some of the magical photos. There are places you can only get to by 4 wheels (or 2, or 6, or 8 - depending on your vehicle of choice) and a spirit of adventure.  We unfortunately weren't in an Apollo Motorhome on this trip, but rest assured that next time we will be!  When you are in places... read more
  • Benjamin Spurrier (Australia)
    Meeting my brother in Tasmania
    I went to see my brother for a small holiday who lives in Tasmania.Long story short ,he had never driven much outside of Hobart since he first moved there, three years ago.So we went to hastings caves and some other amazing national parks and found some quirky pubs along the way.I said to my brother "how can you live here for three years and not even go for a short drive when natures at your door step"Since then he has... read more
  • Pauline Moon (Australia)
    An English Girls trip 'Outback'
    Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE ... read more
  • Rob Franks (New Zealand)
    (Almost) Epic Road Trip
    In April 2011 I moved from England to NZ to join my beautiful girlfriend Jane, a Kiwi, and come and live and work here. I'd always enjoyed travel and after a year of saving we decided, along with 2 friends, to take a road trip to see as much of this amazing country as we could.Jane had travelled the world seeing USA, UK, Australia and many other places but had never been to the South Island of NZ. While Cat... read more
  • robyn worth (Australia)
    beer and wine
    Our road trip started from Katoomba NSW to Adelaide SA and back thru the great ocean road and home.  The Australian outback is amazing and diverse, our next road trip driving from Darwin NT over to Broome WA and all the way down WA to Albany or Adelaide would be amazing.  I hope to do it in style with an Apollo, (not an Astra) and with more room to move.  I still have nightmares thinking about all the boutique wines and beers we... read more
  • Cathy-Anne Kelly (Australia)
    Our camper trips have made us laugh,from east to west and north to south.A time we valued all together,exploring all, no mind to weather.Why life's too short to sit at home!Our happiest times are when we roam.When setting up was sometimes tricky,A drive through site should make it easy?"Great, its done, be back with some snacks to savour!"But "Oops...I forgot to unhitch the trailer!""Is it new to you luv?" a grey nomad chuckeld,the wife, the kids, the lot ramshackled!But we... read more
  • Simon Leslie (New Zealand)
    Our fantastic family holiday in the Apollo in New Zealand
    A poem by our daughter age 14 read more
  • Emma Kingsbeer (New Zealand)
    A geat time out for our family
    We are a young family my husband an i have two children and being on one wage my husband works very hard to look after us, we don't have the money to go on holiday and there are so many beautiful places in NZ we would like to share with eachother an our children so this would be perfect oportunity and a lovely treat also to show appreciation to my husband for all his hard work! read more
  • Daniel Hall (Australia)
    Bashful Barina
    Our small family of 3 just loves Road Trips.  A recent 2000km return trip to Sydney from Brisbane was just awesome but would have been wayyy more enjoyable and comfortable in an apollo motorhome.  We home to travel in one soon around New Zealand.  CheersDaniel read more

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