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  • Amanda Keys (Australia)
    Our Dream Honeymoon in Australia
    I have recently emigrated from Australia to the UK as I fell in love with my very own Prince Charming, Patrick. We met in Singapore where we fell in love and I followed him to England where we were married last year. We are saving up for a belated honeymoon in Australia. We have decided that an Apollo Motorhome Holiday is our dream honeymoon experience. We intend to travel from Sydney to Perth and Hobart to Cairns. There is no... read more
  • roslyn drury (New Zealand)
    The Drury's tour of South New Zealand
    You too can enjoy a great Holiday in an Apollo Motorhome. My family of 4 including 2 children under 5 had the best holiday ever.Be prepared to enjoy the gorgeous landscape scenery and opportunities for some fantastic photos, as you learn how the Islands were sculptured by massive Glaciers and volcanoes.There is great interest in history, Maori culture and early settlement. Displays at  museums,'Doc' offices and tourist stops alway have many points of interest and serviced with smiling friendly locals.Being... read more
  • ALISON PITTMAN (Australia)
    Tassie Holiday
    Coming around a bend during a holiday in Tasmania this view stopped us in our tracks called Gunns Plains. Would so much love to visit again. read more
  • Ramona Roden (Australia)
    On the Road
    My Husband is a professional driver and on our Australian Adventure I will leave the driving to him. The opposite side of the road may prove challenging to a pro like him. I believe as Canadians we will represent Our Country as all Canadians do being the politest, soft spoken, knowledgable indiviuals. We will sail, hike, swim, dance, drink and eat with the people. We will drive back roads, main roads, walk street and railways. We will experience all we can... read more
  • Jennifer Anger (Australia)
    New Zealand the 4th
    We have enjoyed 4 wonderful motorhome holidays in New Zealand and would do it again in a heart beat.  Would love to do it in Australia next time.  We camp out as we are fully self contained in our little home away from home. read more
  • Sheneen Bramwell (Australia)
    Cape York rip
    In May 2012 my husband and I with my Mother in law took a five week holiday of Queensland, travelled inland through Mitchell, Longreach, up to Karumba, Undarra Lava tubes then accross to Cairns, where we hired the Apollo 4x4 outback motorhome and headed to the tip, the trip was fantastic, and the motorhome made it very easy to travel on those roads and water crossings, the trip to the tip and back took 10 days. Then we trvelled down the coast road, Airlie Beach... read more
  • .Annette O'dowd (Australia)
  • Colleen Wiltshire (Australia)
  • Karin Schuett (Australia)
    Townsville to Charters towers via Paluma .... est travel time 2hrs48mins
        You would think that picking up a couple of regional maps from the local Tourist Info centre in Townsville would steer you in the right direction….. right? Wrong!  But that was only discovered in hindsight.  So Townsville to Paluma; easy.  Paluma- beautiful and serene and a stop at Crystal Creek is a must.  The map indicated we could travel to Charters Towers from Paluma heading inland.  So we do that. Then the road becomes dirt.  Still good. We have an all-wheel drive and there hasn’t been any rain... read more
  • Fiona McRobie (Australia)
    Not all who wander are lost.
    There’s just something about roadtripping that captures my imagination more than anything else. Maybe it comes from family holidays as a child in the UK, the three sisters crammed in the back of a smelly Volvo as it made its way along the French highways, my dad at the wheel and my stepmum pouring over a map as we headed south. I sat next to a window and would sit silently for hours, watching the landscape gradually change, being entranced by every village or town we... read more
  • Perys Larcombe (Australia)
    Dream Holiday
    Its been my dream since I was young to go travelling, especially to oz. This is now a possibility as my partner and I are in the process of planning and saving for a trip. I saw this and thought it would be a dream come truePerys read more
  • Tania Steward (Australia)
    New Zealand Penpal since I was 16yrs old.
    When I was 16, ( I am now 37) I started writing to a girl called Kirsty Johnston  from Palmerston North in New Zealand, through a penpal section in a horse magazine we have kept in contact ever since. But it has been only one time in about 2001 that I finally got to meet Kirsty, as she came to stay with me , but unfortunatly I did not get to spend much time with her as I was working. But... read more
  • Mary Reisberg (Australia)
    Before it's too late!
    I dream of seeing Australia before it's too late.While my eyes are still bright enough to capture early morning sunrises, frost on the windscreen as we drive through a misty mountain forest.While my legs are strong enough to clamber down sanddunes and jump tiny waves at an isolated beach.I dream of cooking an easy meal in a compact little onboard kitchen, then sitting outside with wine in hand, as the twilight birds chatter and we dream of the next destination... read more
  • Susie Sarah (Australia)
    On the road again!
    I must have inherited gypsy genes.  When l suggested that buying a bus and hitting the road was my idea of a good life he was horrified.  "What are you" he gasped, "a hippie!"  I suspect he thought l wanted flowers painted all over the thing.We headed off as soon as l turned 50 as he transferred, hopscotching from store to store as a supermarket manager.  I found work wherever we stopped.  We left Numurkah in Victoria and headed along... read more
  • Omar Dada (New Zealand)
    First Trip
    Looking forward to first trip in the Apollo motorhome. will post picture and describr motorhoming when trip is done.  read more
  • Vanessa Sands (Australia)
    A selfless act
    I'm extremly close with my mum, and feel that no one would deserve this amazing prize more than her and her partner. These last 2 years alone she has helped me through alot from recovering from surgery, the loss of our beloved dog Kleo died aged 16, picking up the pieces for me when needed, me losing my job and getting deeper and deeper into debt, helping me get out of that debt by paying it for me, being there... read more
  • antonietta silvestri (Australia)
    The Ultimate Adventure
    We (my husband and 4 daughters, and friend, her husband, and 3 daughters) are planning a drive around Australia in November 2013. At first we thought the 4 of us adults would go but the children aged 19 to 9 would not have a bar of it and decided they were coming too. So the planning is underway, with the girls pairing up as first aid monitors, entertainment planners, and packing wardens.We the adults have also been assigned roles (the... read more
  • Trish Beavan (New Zealand)
    Dream Holiday
    Our Dream holiday would be  to hire a campervan (maybe Apollo) and travel the length of New Zealand & when finished doing that we would then travel to Australia and do the same. We have talked many a time of hiring a camperbut we have not had the time. We have traveled away quite a few times in New Zealand but with a camper you would see so much more because you don't have to find accom.  If we won... read more
  • Debbie Roberts (Australia)
    Our Christmas Adventure
    Hi,I'm so excited, we are about to embark on our first Apollo Adventure on the 15th December, we are flying down from our home in Broome to spend christmas with out families, we have recently had another baby so we have to come down and show her off.In doing this we must transport alot of stuff to accomodate her every need, we also have 2 boys ages 12 and 7 and they are so excited, I decided to hire a... read more
  • Janine Fitzpatrick (Australia)
    What's a Dream Road Trip?
    The one where I try to imagine my dream road trip, and come up with my top 5 tips for enjoying one. read more

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