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  • Andrew Mcdonald (Australia)
  • Yvonne McDonald (Australia)
    Itinerary for our planned spectacular Perth-Broome Roadtrip Winter 2013
    My husband and I LOVE to travel! As we are 7 days a week dairyfarmers- we do plenty of planning and not a lot of putting our plans into action. When we get the opportunity we LOVE to do roadtrips and travel as far as we can in a short period of time and experience all there is on offer (within reason for middle aged tourists).We have hired a Hitop Camper from Apollo Motorhomes on several trips and it always turns... read more
  • Jo Harlow (Australia)
    Min Min Light
    Children are fascinated with spooky stories and tales of mystery. There is no where better in Australia to tell such tales, than enroute to Lightning Ridge in North Western New South Wales. As the road stretches on for miles with no sign of life, off in the distance appears a tiny, tiny light. Just sitting out there, watching us.Dad tells the story of the outback Australian Min Min light. Known to disappear as fast as it appears. Some say it... read more
  • Christine Wyatt (New Zealand)
    My husband and I have always talked of buying a bus or camper and having a good look around ,so far it's been a pleasant dream but time is starting to run out so if it doesn't happen soon it will be to late read more
  • Aaron Brown (New Zealand)
    Cruising NZ kiwistyles
    Enjoy daily images and videos of a couple who won an Apollo motor home holiday competition as they cruise around New Zealand's amazingly beautiful country read more
  • Tyler Travis (Australia)
    1. Sell ALL possessions. 2. Buy the Ticket. 3. Take the Ride!
    The three steps that brought me to Australia. One month ago, I sold EVERYTHING that I owned in the U.S., said goodbye to my family and friends, bought a ticket to Sydney and arrived last week.Sleep on couches, work odd jobs, whatever it takes to be a true traveler and see as much as this planet has to offer before my time comes to an end. Everything is a gift when you expect absolutely nothing. My girlfriend, Sarah, and I have given... read more
  • Sam and Kate McMath (Australia)
    We need a holiday
    5000 kilometres, 17 days, 3 kids, 2 parents, one awesome Apollo camper and no plans. One quiet Sunday in June 2011 Mum asked us if we'd like to go on a holiday..er...yeah? What happened next was something none of us could have guessed. She booked a camper and three days later we were on our way, with no particular destination other than "the Queensland Outback". Every day there was a highlight, something new to see or do, or just a new place... read more
  • John McDonald (Australia)
    Our South Australian roadtrip of discovery!!
    This was a last minute trip and my wife and I had little time to plan it. We travelled in an Apollo Hitop Motorhome on our last trip in the Top End but this time we travelled in our own car.We soon discovered the advantages of travelling in an Apollo Motorhome. A motorhome is more like a 'Motel on Wheels" and you can stay in caravan parks which often are beachfront or riverfront with million dollar views. You can also stop where you... read more
  • Barry Payne (Australia)
    Around Oz...
    34000 k in a 1994 Jayco flipper in the last two years. We have been on the Central Desert Highway, to the Tip (of Oz ), Bloomfield track, Savannah Way, Gibb River Road, Cape Leveque and in between. It has been great but due to illness we have missed Tassie. The wife says no more campers, it has to be a motorhome. What an opportunity... Apollo.A photo that may interest you at Apollo was taken on the first part of... read more
  • Doug McCosker (New Zealand)
    My Daughter and Son in law's trip to New Zealand
    Our son in law and daughter visited New Zealand and had such a wonderful time my wife and I would love to visit but as I had a quadruple bypass and had to retire from work we have not been able to travel due to finances. They toured the North and South Island and was so impressed with the country and the people they say it was the best holiday they have ever had. read more
  • Cindy Hammond (Australia)
    Holiday interrupted
    In 2001 I quit my job, packed up or gave away everything I owned and set off on a journey to explore Aus on my own.  I started from Melbourne, got to the Gold Coast to see the birth of my first niece and then continued north.  All up I spent about 6 months on the road stopping at all kinds of places doing things I never thought I would do like camping on my own, skydiving, white water rafting... read more
  • Barry Payne (Australia)
  • Graeme Mackay (Australia)
    Why we travel
    'I face the horizon, everywhere that I go. I face the horizon, the horizon is my home.' – Frank TurnerMy name is Graeme, I am 24 and hail from the Highlands of Scotland, and am currently over a year into travelling some of the globe with my girlfriend Abi. We’ve covered several countries in South East Asia, and an almost unbeatable highlight of our trip so far was hitting the road for two months to explore majestic New Zealand, encompassing... read more
  • Alison Buckmaster (Australia)
    Alison & Ewen’s three step guide for a successful Aussie road trip
    So after an incredible six week road trip from Sydney to Cape Tribulation and back again, we’ve definitely have caught the travelling bug and are already planning our next road trip.  Here are some reflections upon our time on the road and tips for others planning a similar trip.1. Always ensure you have enough suppliesWater, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.  We always assumed that unless a sign specifically said “not drinking water” that we were good to... read more
  • Patrick Phelan (New Zealand)
    New Zealand 1/12/2012
    Here are some photos of a recent motorhome trip to New Zealand.The 1st of December is the opening of the Trout fishing season. We parked up at a local farm around the Rotorua area and this was our backyard for a few days. read more
  • Kathy Smith (USA)
    The things you can only see in a Motorhome (preferably Apollo:)
    I have gypsy blood. I love to travel. And when we travel we like to do it properly ~ see the land, meet the people, get off the beaten track a little.  Words can tell a story, but photos can go that little bit deeper.  read more
  • Samanthi Goonetilleke (Canada)
    Cross Country
    I got a job in Vancouver after working in Ontario, so we decided that the easiest/cheapest way to get our car to Vancouver was to drive. We drove for 7 days and saw some of the most amazing landscape in the world. From black bears in Sleep Giant Provincial Park to the Hoodoos in Drumheller, to the Rockies and the glacial lakes, lake Louise and Lake Morran, to the top of Jasper. It was an amazing once in a lifetime... read more
  • Julia Thompson (Australia)
    Getting in the Car and Driving!
    Living on Australia's most isolated and remote island Lord Howe Island is great but we over 700kms northwest of Sydney, a long, long way from the mainland.  Sometimes we just want to get in the car and drive but our "road trips" from the northern end of the island as far as the road goes down south is a total of 5.5km, which only takes 12 minutes at 25kms/hr, the island's speed limit.In 2004 we hired a motorhome and travelled... read more
  • Sean Robins (Australia)
    A road trip with a dodgy old car
    A couple of mates from school and I decided to earn a little extra money after year 12 with a trip to the Goulburn Valley to do a little fruit picking, and to see where we might end up after that if we were "successful". My friend owned an old Fiat 124 which got us there, and which promptly conked out without warning. We managed to find a camp site for the night, and the car miraculously started the next... read more

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