Drive your Apollo RV over the famous San Francisco bridge

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This presentation is designed to help you get the most from your Apollo experience.

Before we demonstrate how your RV works, there are a few essentials you should know about driving an Apollo vehicle.

Apollo vehicles have been engineered for an easy driving experience. However, RVs are much taller and wider than the average family car, and as such, should be driven with extra care.

Take extra care when approaching bridges and tunnels, and be aware of low hanging tree limbs.

Avoid drive throughs and undercover car parks.

Always use truck lanes, especially at Toll Booths.

Remember your vehicle has extended mirrors as well. You will notice that the driver's cabin is set up a little differently than a car. Various driver controls may be positioned differently. Take some time to familiarise yourself with these before leaving the Apollo branch.

Your Apollo RV is packed with many features designed to make your touring holiday more enjoyable.

This presentation will show you how to operate your RV.

If you follow the outlines as described above, you will get the most out of your self drive experience.

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